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November 08, 2017

OSPREY IN THE AMAZON Another bird I saw while fishing in the Tahuayo River last month was an osprey. This sighting surprised me for two reasons - one, it was a bird I could identify with confidence, and two - I didn't realize that this beautiful fish catching bird that I have seen along both coasts of the US in the spring and summer migrates to Central and South America when it's winter up north (see more at:…/…/species/osprey/distribution). I have loved the osprey for a long time. My first memories are seeing it hovering over salt marshes in New Jersey while doing my undergraduate thesis in 1975. A few years later, I embroidered one on a blue work shirt while out on my first Greenpeace expedition seeking out Soviet whalers in the Pacific ocean. This was one of my first and last attempts to sew anything more complicated than a small rip in a pair of worn khakis.

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