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Twin-row achira seed bracelet with colors

This fun achira seed bracelet is a classic sign of an Amazon adventurer - whether you've been there or not....This bracelet features twin alternating rows of natural black achira (Canna) seeds.  Experienced artisans carefully pierce and weave the seeds with a variety of colors of thread. If you like to sport multiple bracelets on your wrist, this achira craft will easily enhance your eclectic collection.

The main part of the bracelet is 5.5" long.  The side pieces made of natural and sturdy chambira palm fiber will allow you to comfortably secure this around your wrist or ankle.  

The bracelet was made by an expert artisan from Iquitos who has worked with the Center for Amazon Community Ecology for ten years.

Model: BR0821000 (white thread); color variants have other numbers.