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Fair-trade Hand-made Hat band - 3 color bushmaster/shushupe snake - HB06F

This unique fair-trade Amazon Hat Band was hand-made by a native artisan from the Ampiyacu region of the Peruvian Amazon. This hat band is stylish and sturdy.  It is woven from one-inch wide chambira palm fiber. that is 24.5 inches long with 2 inches of chord on both ends so it can be tied around most hats.  This band will add a distinct look to any straw, felt or leather hat with a full brim.  It can also double as a head band.

These 3 color hat band was designed by a Bora artisan to represent the bushmaster snake (locally called shushupe) found throughout the Amazon rainforest Each strap comes with a tag listing the artisan's name and community and the plants they used to make it.This hat band was hand woven by a native artisan from the Bora community of Brillo Nuevo on the Yaguasyacu River.

Model: HB06F