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Unique Handwoven Basket in Red, Cream and Black

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Place this decorative handmade basket on a table to hold mail or knick-knacks or hang one or more on a wall to show off their unique designs.

It has been created from the fibers of the Chambira palm trees, helping local artisans to earn a living without damaging the nearby rainforest. Your purchase helps ensure fair wages for each artisan and helps to preserve the rivers and forests of the Amazon. 

Each basket is fashioned from both natural plant and other vibrant dyes and are adorned with seed and wooden beads. 

This basket was made by a campesino artisan from the association Manos Amazonicas (Amazon Hands) in the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River. Each basket comes with a tag listing the name and village of the artisan who made it and the plants used to make it.

Model: WB553