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Star Flower Decorative Basket - Fair Trade and Handwoven

A vividly colored, handwoven, decorative basket, sure to bring a pop of color to any room in your home. This basket is deep enough to hold fruit, knick-knacks, jewelry, keys, coins, or any number of things that need to be contained in a way that is pleasing to the eye. It also comes with a convenient hanging loop on the back for displaying on a wall, either alone or with a few other complimentary baskets for a stunning gallery wall. 

When you purchase one of these Fair Trade baskets, you are supporting a cause that:

  • Ensures the talented artisans who made them are being fairly compensated for their skill and time. 
  • Helps protect the trees and rivers of the Amazon rainforests by giving artisans a way to support their families without damaging the forest.
  • Artisans are paid promptly for their work
  • Each basket comes with a tag listing the name of the artisan who made it

Model: WB588457 (multi-colored star), WB588103 (maroon star);