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Sunflower Burst Decorative Basket - Handwoven and Fair Trade

Bright and sunny, this handwoven basket features a beautiful sunflower design in the center and will be a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Imagine displaying it on a wall, either by itself or with a few other complimentary baskets for a fabulous gallery wall. It also makes a great holder for keys and coins on an entry table or a fruit basket in the kitchen. 

Purchasing this basket promotes fair pay for the talented artisans in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest in addition to helping protect its trees and rivers by giving artisans a way to support their families without damaging the forest.

  • Various sizes available from 10 to 12 inches across
  • Vivid yellow accented by jewel-toned fiber
  • Comes with a convenient hanging loop on the back
  • Has a tag with the name of the artisan who wove it

This basket was made by an artisan from Cocama, a native village of Amazonas on the Marañon River.