Attention: due to ongoing work in the Peruvian Amazon Order shipment is on hold until Mid October

Multi-color diamond pattern chambira palm fiber bracelet

This boho-style fair-trade bracelet made by a Bora native artisan from the Peruvian Amazon with natural chambira palm fiber will connect you to their creative culture.  The diamond pattern with black and green was inspired by their artistry and connection to their rainforest home.

Here are the main features of this hand-made bracelet:

- Hand-Made by a Bora native artisan with natural chambira palm fiber

- The diamond shape is combined with two striking color combinations.

- Main section is 7" long and 1" wide.   All models have a thin chambira chord at both ends ensure a comfortable fit around your wrist or ankle.

Model: BR1864155 (green, black and red); BR1864165 (green, black and yellow)