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Wine Color Blend Decorative Basket - Handwoven by Peruvian Amazon artisan

This unique basket was woven by an artisan from the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River in the Peruvian Amazon.  It will make a stunning decoration on your wall or table to hold special keys or special knick-knacks.  It features a rim and inner rings with a blend of wine, yellow, and blue.  

The craft was made by a Peruvian artisan from the Tahuayo River with sustainably harvested chambira fiber.  Its rim is studded with walnut tone ojo de vaca seeds. Your purchase helps create a sustainably livelihood for artisan families and conserves the forests in their community. Your basket will come with a tag listing the name of the artisan who created it.

Note that part of the rim has a slight blemish. 

Model: WB5640006.